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EPDP Objectives

The UPecon Foundation proposes to address this gap by establishing an Energy Policy and Development Program (EPDP), with the support of USAID, to accomplish the following:

  1. Bring energy issues to the forefront of policy and academic discussions in the Philippines, with the aim of delivering more cost effective and reliable service, including the capability to avoid power shortages such as those that occurred in the1990s and recently in Mindanao;
  2. Create capacity to analyze the economic, environmental, social, and political costs and benefits of energy policy and programs;
  3. Form over the years a cradle and ultimately, a network of people focused on energy policy and issues to advise government;
  4. Produce a number of research papers and policy briefs on key energy issues facing the country to improve preparedness, diagnostic capacity and identification of cost-effective solutions; and
  5. Create and administer programs intended to build the capacity of government agencies and other stakeholders in the Philippines.