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Forum Presentations

The following papers were presented in the forum entitled “Prevention and Control of CVDs: Implications on UHC Rollout”, organized by the UPecon Foundation-NECVaRE and the UP Manila-RESPOND teams:

  • “Measurement and Decomosition of Wealth Disparitities and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in the Philippines”, presented by Dr. Aleli Kraft of UPecon
  • “Is primary prevention of cardiovascular disease implemented effectively? Evidence from a randomized lottery experiment in the Philippines”, presented by Dr. Joseph Capuno of UPecon
  • Responsive and Equitable Health Systems-Partnership on Non-Communicable Diseases (RESPOND): a mixed-methods health systems research on hypertension” hypertension” presented by Dr. Lia Palileo-Villanueva of RESPOND
  • Treatment Seeking Patterns from Hypertension among Poor Households in Malaysia and the Philippines: Findings from RESPOND” presented by Mr. Benjamin Palafox of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and RESPOND
  • Engagement with the care pathway for hypertension among poor households in Quezon Province and Valenzuela City: Findings from the RESPOND study” presented by Ms. Arianna Maever Amit of RESPOND
  • How do Filipinos view hypertension? Lay conceptions on hypertension and implications on policy” presented by Ms. Jhaki Mendoza of RESPOND